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Renee Pluchino



Lovable Mascot 

In  loving  memory of  my Derby...

"You are missed beyond words, and loved beyond measure..." 


1/12/2009 - 8/06/2021

About The Pack Leader!

Derby's Delights opened in 2012, in the Hudson Valley of New York.  Since day one, I have treated every customer like they were a part of my own family.  Other companies may offer similar products, but my ingredients are carefully hand selected, and the products I offer are always delivered with a personal touch.  In addition to my yearly seasonal events, I'm excited to be found in a few local family owned stores throughout the Hudson Valley of New York and New Jersey.

As of 2021, Derbys Delights has relocated to Cape May County, NJ and will be expanding throughout New Jersey!  For more details visit our products page! 


How Did It All Begin?

     In 2012, I was becoming increasingly concerned about commercial dog treats and the problems stemming from overseas. This is when I was inspired to begin baking dog treats for my own dogs. 

Much to my surprise, my treats quickly became very popular. After drawing a small fan club of both dogs and humans, I created "Derby's Delights", my All Natural Gourmet Dog Treats...Lovingly named after my heart dog, Derby. 

I'm excited to offer my customers a healthy product where they can take the worry out of what they are feeding their precious pets. Derby's Delights are handmade with love, right here in the United States of America.

Derby's Story...

Derby's first 6 months of life are unknown to me, but every second thereafter is a memory I will cherish forever.  In 2009, after losing another much loved black lab mix, I had decided it was time to find another pup.  Working for a rescue at the time, I kept my eyes open....When they returned from Ohio with a van full of rescued "death row dogs", I saw the most adorable, happy, bouncing puppy.  And he was mine within the hour....

Derby had quite the "Golden Child" reputation! He was the true definition of a heart dog, my co-pilot through thick and best friend. Loving every season, and everyone he met from the mountains to the ocean. By 2012, he was so special to me, I decided to name my company after him. From that point forward, we celebrated every birthday with an official Derby's Delights birthday cake! If only they could live forever...Sadly, at 12 years old, his life was cut too short when his health quickly declined. I've missed him every day since...

If I could ever meet the person who gave up this particular Black Lab mix puppy named "Orlando" - in 2009....I'd thank them, profusely. 

What a profound impact that "throw away puppy" has had on my life...


Our Team
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