Renee Pluchino



Lovable Mascot

About The Pack Leader!

Derby's Delights is family-owned and operated right here in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Since our company opened in 2012, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar products, but our ingredients are the best, and our products are delivered with a personal touch.  In addition to the seasonal events we attend, we are excited to now be found in a few local farmers markets in Orange County, NY.  For more details visit our products page! 


How Did It All Begin?...

In 2012, I was becoming increasingly concerned about commercial dog treats and the problems stemming from overseas. This is when I was inspired to begin baking dog treats for my own dogs. 

Much to my surprise, my treats quickly became very popular. After drawing a small fan club of both dogs and humans, I created "Derby's Delights", my All Natural Gourmet Dog Treats.  

I'm excited to offer my customers a healthy product where they can take the worry out of what they are feeding their precious pets. Derby's Delights are handmade with love right here in the United States of America.



Some other Stuff...

​I have a lifetime of experience with all types of pets, but specialize in caring for dogs and horses. Many years ago, I became a Certified Dog Trainer, then branched out further into the pet industry to include Professional Pet Sitting. Please take a stroll over to my other pages to see my additional services & reviews on our Facebook Page!

 Once again, thank you for visiting my site, and I hope to speak with you soon!